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Daggerfall: Lysandus' Revelation

15 February 2011

( Walkthrough mostly written by J.Rinehart )

Starts With: Medora
Dungeon: Direnni Tower and Lysandus' Tomb
Minimum PC Level: 10
Key Strategy: Remember to bring the dust
Story Progression: Calm Lysandus' spirit and discover who killed him
Prerequisite Quest: Dust of Restful Death and Castle Llugwych - Stronghold of the Blades
Next Quests: Lysandus' Revenge

After Medora has finished preparing the dust of restful death you aquired from Gortwog (this takes one month), you can go to Lysandus' tomb to attempt to calm his spirit. Once his spirit is sufficiently calmed you hope it will be able to tell you exactly what is required to exorcise it. The location of Lysandus' tomb is found by completing the Castle Llugwych quest.

Finding Lysandus

Enter the main hall and go through the south-most door; follow the passage and take the first left (North). Follow this passage through a door, noting the different texture of the walls as you pass through. Follow this passage until you come to a skull in mid-air. Click on the skull and you are teleported to a room. Take the visible door on the north wall (note that there's a secret door in this room that leads to another floating skull and some treasure; this skull puts you back by the first one you found). Follow the passage and turn south. Note that the red brick wall here is a red herring---I couldn't do anything with it. Follow the passage down through a few twists into a room. Take the door on the north wall. Follow this passage until you come to an intersection, where you must turn right and go up a gentle slope. Jump (HA!) or levitate over the pit in your way and continue to follow the passage. When you go through a door, turn left. Follow this passage and take the first right. You will go down approx. 3 flights of stairs. At the first 4-way intersection, take a right and follow this path, then turn right after ascending a flight of stairs. You will come to a T turn left (East). Turn right where the passage branches.

You are now in one of those extremely annoying multiple 4-way setups. Continue south. You will be forced to turn east. Continue eastward through the next multi-intersection. Directly in front of you is a secret door. IGNORE IT! Instead, turn left (North) and follow the passage, taking no turns until you have passed through the inverted V of the passage. Now turn left. The tunnels should have a different texture here. Go east, then south at the next intersection. Continue south into a different-textured tunnel, then follow the passage down. Turn north and continue north. At the 4-way, turn right (East), then turn south to go up a gentle flight of stairs. Follow the passage as it turns west. At the door to your right, go through the door into a room. Take the west door out of the room.

Turn north and go up a gentle slope to a 4-way where you must turn right. You should now be heading east. Follow this passage and continue following it until you are going south. Now, about halfway down the corridor is a door on your left. Take it and follow the passage north as it turns. Don't take the right at the first intersection; instead, continue straight and follow the passageway. At the first down-slope, turn right. Follow down and at the T turn left. There is a lever here; pull the lever and the lift takes you down.

The passage you are now in has lots of 90-degree turns in it and multiple doors. The 7th door of this passage has a short passage with a lever, so use the lever to take the lift down. At the end of this lower passage is a floor lever. Use it. Go back up and continue to take main passage (the one with all the doors) into a large, vaulted room that is, quite frankly stunning to look at. The great pillar in the Southeast corner has a lever in it behind a secret door. Pulling the lever causes a large block of the floor of this room to lower into another impressive chamber. Drop down this hole and behold the Tomb of Lysandus!

Click on the tomb and the dust is used automatically (you did remember the dust of restful death, right?). Lysandus' ghost appears and tells you that Lord Woodborne is the assassin. The spirit only can be exorcized if Lord Woodborne is slain or suffers a massive reversal of fortune. Lysandus will mark Woodborne Hall on your map of Wayrest.

The next quest is Lysandus' Revenge, or you may return to the Quest Walkthrough Page.

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