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Daggerfall: King of Worms Lich Soul

15 February 2011

( Walkthrough written by GeorgeSmith )

Starts With: Zombie sent by the King of the Worms, Dragontail Mountains
Dungeon: Castle Sentinel, Sentinel
Minimum PC Level: 7
Key Strategy: Surviving the battle with a lich.
Story Progression: True story of the Underking
Prerequisite Quest: Morgiah's Wedding
Next Quest: Who Gets the Totem
Suggested Spells: Spell Absorption/Reflection, Shield and other proctive spells.

I was transporting arms one day when I was attacked for no apparant reason by a Zombie! Imagine my suprise when I find a note sewn into the poor souls chest... it was a request from the King of Worms (who was clearly impressed with my previous courier service for Morgiah, Princess of Wayrest).

I visited the King in his home beneath Scourgh Barrow in the DragonTail Mountains. He promised me information that only the dead could provide if I would bind Prince Karolis of Sentinel's soul into an ensorceled Scarab he gave me. It seemed that Prince Karolis was now a Lich and was kept deep within the dungeons of Castle Sentinel. Of course I accepted the challenge.

Now having already been to the Court of Sentinel, I was well aware of the well guarded Southern door in the Queen's Throne Room, through I assumed I would find the dungeons. Sure enough, after I took the elevator in the hall, I found myself in a long, dark tunnel, slopping downward towards where I knew my goal must lie. At the first intersection, my instincts said go left. One wrong turn and I knew I would be lost for days here so I hoped I was right. There were all manners of guards to defeat so I knew they must be protecting something.

I pressed on East at the next intersection and then West at the T furthur on. My experience told me that I would find my goal in the deepest part of the dungeon, so I was relieved to find the hallways beginning to slope downward. I headed East through the next intersection, determined to follow this hallway to the end, but I was lucky enough to hear the scream of a ghost at the next T which caused me to head South down a side passage. At the end of this hallway was an elevator which I took to the top.

When the elevator stopped I could clearly see my goal. There was a room with many passageways, but one was flanked by two royal tapestries adorned with flames (used commonly at the tournaments to identify the descendants of Karolis in battle). I proceed to enter the room, but my way was blocked by an invisible field. Frustrated, I turned around to find another way in. On the way back down the elevator, I noticed another passage that I had missed earlier. I jumped off, as the elevator did not stop here. At the end of this passage was a large lever with two skulls on either side indicating danger. Well, I took a chance and flipped it, and when I went back to the room above, my way was no longer blocked by the field. Well, this room was indeed a puzzle and it took me hours to solve, but here is what the final solution was:

I made a map so that I could remember my bearing. After drawing a square to represent the room, I numbered the passages in counter clockwise order, starting with the one I entered through as #1. #2 and #3 were on the North wall, #4 was West (I skipped the entranceway to the lich because I knew it would be the last one I used), #5 and #6 were on the South wall, and #7 was beside me on the East wall. The only one I could go through initially was the West door, which led to another elevator. At the bottom was a switch which I left alone (I thought it wise to see my options before switching more levers). At the end of this hallway was a howling Wraith who was obviously trapped behind another invisible field. The only other way was the South where I found another elevator. On the way up I jumped off at the second passage I found and was attacked by a spider. This passage led to yet another elevator which I took up. From here I could not get into the main room, so I headed East and found another lever. Flipping it quickly, I ran back to see if my way had been cleared and sure enough it was. I went back into the main room and noticed that I could now proceed through the North Door (#2).

As I expected, there was another elevator which took me down to a new room. I had to kill a ghost there and then I found another switch. This must be it I thought and rushed back up tosee the entrance to Lich's hold. What! It was still protected by a field. There must be another switch, so I retraced my steps through the South passage (#5) and took the elevator all the way down again. To my suprise, I was attacked by the wraith that was previously trapped! I killed it and headed East to find a new switch and another elevator. After moving the switch I took thiselevator back to the main room and PRESTO! the entrance was now free of any obstructions.

What followed was a violent battle, as the Prince did not wish to give up his soul just yet I think. I am happy to be here to tell this tale and happier yet with the information I recieved fromthe King of Worms in exchange for the soul!

Elrin Goareth,
Descendant of Fara, High Elf Stalker of Sumerset Isle!

Additional Information ( Original Text Written By Rick Albee - )

After killing the prince and trapping his soul, you should receive the following message, from the KOW.

	"Well done Sendaal. I am sure the prince will be most cooperative.
	Please accept this BLANK (turned out to be a magical mithril longsword)
	as a token of my appreciation. In addition, I have decided it is time
	for someone outside of Tiber Septim's line to know the truth about the
	UnderKing. As you know, Tiber Septim was the first emperor of Tamriel.
	Toward the end of his wars of conquest, he betrayed his battlemage,
	Zurin Arctus. When Zurin died, his soul refused to leave his body.
	Something to do with the mysterious Numidium. Since that time Zurin
	Arctus has lived on as the UnderKing.
The UnderKing and his agents have been a thorn in my side for centuries. Just remember, should the UnderKing regain his mortal body, he would surely throw all of Tamriel into conflict."

Assuming I needed to return the prince's soul to the KoW, I returned to Scourg Barrow. I got an ordinary dialoque screen. It was only then that I realized the quest was off my log and the scarab was removed from my inventory.

The next quest is Who Gets the Totem, or you may return to the Quest Walkthrough Page.

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