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Daggerfall: Elysana's Robe

19 February 2011

Starts With: Princess Elysana, Wayrest
Dungeon: Lord Castellian's Castle (A Random Dungeon), Wayrest
Minimum PC Level: 6
Key Strategy: Don't wear the cloak!
Story Progression: Learn the about the existance of the totem.
Prerequisite Quest: None
Next Quest: None

After talking with Princess Elysana, it seems like she just wishes to give a gift, a wonderful robe, to her suitor, Lord Castellian of Wayrest. What she doesn't tell you or Lord Castellian is that she enchanted the robe to release seven daedra seducers to attack whoever is wearing it. Of course, Lord Castellian's men won't be too pleased that you helped assasinite him and will attack you for some time to come.

This quest does not progress the main plot, other than to mention that the totem exists and that King Eadwyre is anxious to get it. However, it serves to reveal Princess Elysana as someone not to be trusted. Later on, she offers you another quest that turns out to be a trap.

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