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Daggerfall: Elsyana's Betrayal

19 February 2011

Starts With: Princess Elysana, Wayrest
Dungeon: None
Minimum PC Level: None
Key Strategy: Don't take this quest unless you don't know the location of Lysandus' tomb
Story Progression: Lysandus' secret tomb location
Prerequisite Quest: Orcish Treaty
Next Quests: None

Princess Elysana asks you nicely to once again perform a task for her. It's simple enough, escorting her cousin to an unspecified location in return for an item relevant to the Totem quest. If you have already performed a quest for her ( Elysana's Robe ) you know that she isn't to be trusted, and especially since she is now bethrothed to Lord Woordborne. As it turns out this quest is a trap set by the princess for you and her cousin actually turns out to be a prostitute. During the course of this quest there will be several attempts on your life.

The only real reason to perform this quest is if you have not run the Underking quest. One of the assassins has a note with him showing you the location of Lysandus' Tomb. That is where Lord Woodborne has instructed them to dump your body. Of course if you're in the mood to hack some assasins, feel free to indulge yourself.

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