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Daggerfall: Dust of Restful Death

15 February 2011

Starts With: Medora, King Gortwog - Warlord of the Orcs, Orsinium
Dungeon: Random, Isle of Balfiera
Minimum PC Level: 10
Key Strategy: Be prepared for undead
Story Progression: Get the dust to soothe Lysandus
Prerequisite Quest: Freeing Medora
Next Quests: Lysandus' Revelation

Quick Tips

  1. After having freed Medora you receive a vision from the grateful sorcereress.
  2. In the vision she states that Gortwog, Warlord of the Orcs, knows the location of the dust of restful death which will soothe the spirit of King Lysandus.
  3. You pay a visit to Gortwog and discover the dust lies in a crypt on the Ilse of Balfiera.
  4. After searching the dungeon you find the dust and a letter on a mummy.
  5. Returning to Medora you find out that the letter, from Gortwog, was an attempt to save Lysandus from the Wayrest assasines. Unfortunately this attempt failed.
  6. Medora requires a month to prepare the dust, after such time you will receive another quest.

Detailed Walkthrough

Your walking along one day, then suddenly - POOF!!! - You receive an informative vision from Medora whom you recently released from imprisonment.

Your vision hazes and the world grows
 dim. Out of the gray, a woman's face
 appears. Medora!
 "Kral. Your efforts to free me
 have not been in vain. I have discovered
 a powder that will soothe the ghost of
 my beloved Lysandus. However, it is in the
 hands of Gortwog, Warlord of the Orcs, in
 his steel citidel of Orsinium. Go to him
 in Orsinium and see if there is anything
 that can be done to persuade him to give
 it to you. Bring the powder to me in
 Direnni Tower once you have it."
 The vision clears. Sometimes you wish
 sorceresses would just send letters like
 other folks do.

After rubbing and blinking your eyes for a view seconds to reorient yourself you decide it would be a good idea to go see Gortwog as soon as possible. You arrive in Orsinium, a small town, and enter the large grey citadel to find Gortwog.

So Medora wants the Dust of Restful Death.
 Only because I respect the memory of King
 Lysandus will I do this. The Dust can be
 found in (some crypt) on her
 own island. Tell Medora that the price is
 her support of my claim to the heart.
 She'll know what it means.

Well, you now know the location of the dust that will soothe the ghost of Lysandus, but exactly what was the heart that Gortwog was talking about? Ah well, can't be that important so you rush off to find the dust. After an exhausting search you finally discover the dust, and a worn letter, on the fresh corpse of a mummy, fresh because you just killed it of course. You attempt to decipher as much of the letter as possible...

This parchment was used as a wrap for the
 packet of powder. Some of its message is
 now illegible.
 Lady Med...

 ...favor. They intend to slay him. I am
 sending ........ers to stop them. You must
 support me. If the empire finds I have
 attacked royal advisors of Wayr......ven
 if they are assassins, my people will never
 win the same status and respect as the
 Khaji................ians. However, with
 your support I c............. a hero of the
 empire, and win respect for my people.


Even though the letter is half-gone it still presents some interesting information. Now that you have the dust you should return to Medora. She might also be able to cast some light on this letter. You quickly return to Direnni tower and the sorcereress.

This is indeed the Dust of Restful Death.
 As for that letter, it was from Gortwog
 to me, though I never got it. I heard from
 him later that his orc warriors were slain
 attempting to ambush the assassins. Gortwog
 and his orcs are not the villains most
 people seem them as.
 Eadwyre and the court of Wayrest have never
 been particularly loyal to the empire. To
 assassinate a king is treason. I will have
 my revenge, but first I must find out why
 Eadwyre would risk this.
 I will need a month to prepare the Dust.
 Come back to me at that time and I will
 give it to you, along with instructions
 for its use.

A whole month? Perhaps now would be a good time to take that little vacation you've always wanted. When you return to Medora you'll receive another quest.

The next quest is Lysandus' Revelation, or you may return to the Quest Walkthrough Page.

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