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Daggerfall: Cyndassa's Werebeast

15 February 2011

Starts With: Cyndassa, Daggerfall Castle
Dungeon: Random, Daggerfall
Minimum PC Level: 5
Key Strategy: Have a silver weapon ready, don't let the werewolf bite you!
Story Progression: Gives a clue about the Emporer's letter
Prerequisite Quest: None
Next Quests: The Emperor's Courier

Quick Tips

  1. Cyndassa, a lowly maid in Daggerfall Castle asks you to kill a werewolf for her in a nearby dungeon. Upon finding and killing the creature you notice it looks strikingly like the maid and when you return to Cyndassa she informs you that it was her brother. She then informs you that the Queen Aubk-i and the Queen Mother Mynisera may both have information about the missing emperor's letter.
  2. When you enter Daggerfall Castle Cyndassa's room is on the bottom left at the back of the throne room as you face the throne.

Detailed Walkthrough

You find Cyndassa in a back room of Daggerfall Castle tending to some menial tasks. Apparently, she's heard of you from somewhere as she has a job for you to do.

[Picture] Me name is Cyndassa. Daggerfall. I'll tell you
everything I know, but I don't need to remind
you that there ain't no such thing as free info,
do I, Kral? I'm just a maid to
her highness, nothing but a fleck to the world,
and my needs ain't big. I need this werewolf done in.
I know just where it is -- some Stendarr forsook
hole called (some random dungeon). I can't
tell you why, but it's important to me that that
werewolf gets put outta its misery. I'll wait here
for (around 9) days for you -- that oughta be
plenty of time.
[Cyndassa in Castle Daggerfall]

So, off you go on another routine dungeon romp, killing and destroying everything in your path...including the doomed werewolf. When you finally find and kill the werewolf in the depths of the dungeon a strange thing happens...

[Picture] The body of the werewolf begins
to transform before your very
eyes. In just a few minutes, it
has become a young man who seems
to bear a strong resemblence to

Hmm, perhaps that Cyndassa didn't tell you the whole story. Now would be a good time to hurry back to Daggerfall Capital and pay her a visit. After a hurried journey you reach the city and Cyndassa...

[Picture] It's dead then, is it? Poor thing. He used to be
my brother. If you ask me, he died long ago,
when he first got bit. He hated himself when he
became that beast. I wish there'd been another
way to help him.

I promised I'd tell you about that letter yer
lookin for, didn't I now? Of course, I remember
that letter, Kral. It's not every
day that you gets a letter from the Emperor
himself, especially seein' as the King ain't
too fond of him. 'Fact, that's the only letter
I ever seen from him. I give it to her majesty,
and she's all excited and she rip it open and
says "this isn't for me, this is addressed to
Mynisera." Then... boom! Her jaw fall open and
her eyes get real wide. She say she'll make
sure the Queen Mother gets it and that I don't
have to worry myself none about it.

Well, most interesting indeed. You wonder what was in the letter that would make Queen Aubk-i react like that. Perhaps a little visit to the queen or the queen mother Mynisera would clear the fog that currently obscures your mind.

The next quest is The Emperor's Courier You may return to the Quest Walkthrough Page.

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