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Daggerfall: Blackmailing Helseth

19 February 2011

Starts With: Prince Helseth
Dungeon: Lord Castellian's Castle, (Random), Wayrest
Minimum PC Level: 4
Key Strategy: Read the letters
Story Progression: Wayrest sent advisors to Lysandus the day he died
Prerequisite Quest: None
Next Quests: Barenziah's Book

Lord Helseth needs a letter delivered to Lord Castellian. The missive turns out to be a blackmail attempt. If you read the letter, your reputation with the nobles of Wayrest goes down and you will attacked repeatedly by Lord Castellian's men because you know too much. But who cares? The letter is too much fun not to read. You can actually give the letter to King Eadwyre, Queen Barenziah, Princess Morgiah, Princess Elysana, or Lord Woodborne. However, only Lord Woodborne or Princess Elysana are interested. They turn around and use the letter to ruin Prince Helseth's plans for assuming the throne of Wayrest.

You learn from Helseth that Wayrest sent advisors to Lysandus at the Battle of Cryngaine Field. Orcs ambushed the advisors, but some of them got through anyway. After this quest, you get a letter from Queen Barenziah offering you another mission. You should also get the notion that the nobles of Wayrest are a bunch of backstabbing good-for-nothings.

The next quest is Barenziah's Book or you may return to the Quest Walkthrough Page.

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