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Daggerfall: Journey to Atherius

19 February 2011

Starts With: Nulfaga
Dungeon: Shedungent, Wrothgarian Mountains and the Mantellan Crux
Minimum PC Level: 14
Key Strategy: Try to make sure that most people like you first
Story Progression: Wins the game for your chosen faction
Prerequisite Quest: Who Gets the Totem
Next Quests: None, you've finished the main quest!
Suggested Spells: Levitate

This is the final quest in the Totem series, and most likely the end of the main storyline. Once the Totem has been given to someone, you can visit Nulfaga. Only Nulfaga can transport you to the Aetherius (an alternate dimension) where the Mantella has been hidden.

Walkthrough ( Walkthrough written by Aleksei Andrievski (aka Silvara the Dark Elf) )

Note: This walkthrough was figured out completely on my own, without using the hintbook or anything else. There may well be some things here that need not be done, but this takes you through the Crux with a minimum of fuss.

Area 1 - The Stones Three
In this area there are three blocks of stone floating in the void as well as some doorways. You start on the middle block. If you are so helpless as to be unable to cast Levitate, the demon head will cast it on you if you click on it a couple of times. First, fly up and pull the lever on the upper block. Fly to lower block. You will see four floating doors. You need to close the one that zaps you and the opposite, and open the two others. You can deduce whether they are open or closed by the sound they make. Then fly down to opening in the side of the lower block and pull lever inside. Fly all the way up to doorway in the void (there are two up there, but you'll know which one it is by checking them both). Go straight at the crossroads and pull lever behind the scorpion (some have reported a harpy here?). Then go to the side passage with daedra seducer in it (some have a vampire here?). Don't pull the first lever, but pull the second and third, and the one at the end of this corridor. Go out and fly to the opening in the middle block (there's a daedra lord there). Walk on red carpet.

Area 2 - The Great Pyramid.
Go out to the pyramid (there's an ancient lich on it). Float down to lower block with all the vampires and headstones. Kill the vamps and click all of the headstones (two of them should moan opening the door on the island). You can also get a clue about the Benefactor here. Fly into opening on the side of this block and pull lever inside. Fly up and touch the two moaning gravestones again (you may have to try this again later). Fly way up to the doorway and walk in. Say "Benefactor" to the guy standing there. The pyramid should now be open (if not, touch the gravestones again). Go all the way down into it until you are teleported.

Area 3 - The Magic Door
Go out to the void (going left is shorter). Fly to big block with doors. Kill daedra in north door and click on the upside-down statue. Go to east door and pull lever. Go to west door and pull lever. The south door should now be open. Go in and walk into the blue field.

Area 4 - The Blind God (The Room of Fire)
There are some monsters behind doors. DO NOT open the left door on west wall (it will teleport you into a cage and lower you into a room full of orcs). Go through left door on south wall and down the ramps. To the right there is the orc room mentioned earlier. To the left is the fire room with many floating heads. To open the idol's eyes, click on the first head (the one that gives you the clue) and then on the next head on the straight path (it's in the NW corner, looking directly in the idol's direction). Yes, it's that easy. The eyes should be open now. Go in and walk on the pressure plate. I don't know what purpose the guy standing here serves. Nothing useful, I suppose. Go down. There is a magic-locked door here. Use Open spell on it (I think you can open it by spinning some other heads, but Open spell is easier). Answer "One" to the head's question. After you are teleported, touch the rightmost skull on the north wall and the door will open. Walk through the atronach spiral and armor stairs. Then go down all the time and jump into the pit.

Area 5 - The Prison of Mantella
Prepare for battle with MANY daedra lord (good place to trap some souls). I usually just fly close enough to fireball them while absorbing my own fireballs (to produce an endless stream of them). Don't touch the small weapons. Fly down to giant crossbow and to the platform with four axes. Click on the SW axe. Turn around and walk up the sword to the doorway. Go down on the elevator. Go through daedra/ghost rooms and over the pit corridor. Around the bend you'll see the Mantella! Go through the smaller openings, take it and watch the ending!

Once you've found it, simply click on the Mantella, a huge green gem. The winning animation for the holder of the Totem will play. Numidium rises to do the bidding of its new master. For all winners except the King of Worms, the Underking flies out of his crypt to reclaim his lost heart. This grants him the death that he has so desperately sought. It also destroys the great Numidium. The Totem holder does get to use Numidium long enough to translate it into incredible power. The King of Worms uses the Mantella to make himself into a god. Thus ends the tale of Tiber Septim's Battlemage and the great Numidium.'re finished the main quest (even though you may have had to cheat a little). You may return to the Quest Walkthrough Page.

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